Here’s what clients have to say about Lisa A. Eramo Writing Services, Inc.:

“When Medical Economics has a complex topic that we need to explain to our physician readers, Lisa Eramo is the first writer I think of. She has a knack for distilling complicated issues concerning healthcare billing, policy and technology into clear, concise, and informative prose that helps our readers tackle the challenges facing their practices every day. I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough.” –Chris Mazzolini, editorial director of Medical Economics, February 2020

“Lisa is an incredible partner. She goes above and beyond and has been highly collaborative with brainstorming, content planning, and optimizing our articles. She is always on top of deadlines and is extremely communicative. She is a pleasure to work with and has helped elevate our content marketing.” –Alison Foster, events and marketing manager at RxVantage, February 2020

“I have worked with Lisa on a variety of projects over the past several years. Lisa is a top-notch professional all around! Lisa completely understands our business objectives and has the ability to write in an informative, non-biased manner. Lisa is an excellent writer, meets all deadlines, and completely understands our target market. I am proud to be partnered with Lisa!” –Douglas Klarberg, Vice President of In Record Time, January 2020

“Lisa is a talented and insightful writer and very knowledgeable about Health Information Management which is our particular area of business. We rely on Lisa’s journalistic approach to provide in-depth and perceptive coverage of industry issues and concerns. Since targeted content is a critical component in our expertise marketing, Lisa’s ability to deliver industry-specific writing enhances our reputation and branding. –Susan Pepple, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Libman Education, January 2020

“Lisa Eramo is an excellent writer with the skills to take on complex topics and make them interesting for all readers. She has a keen sense for news, always delivers what is requested, and has never missed a deadline – three things that make any editor’s job easier. Lisa is a pleasure to work with and has been a dependable freelance addition to our editorial team.” –Chris Dimick, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of AHIMA, November 2016

“Lisa Eramo has provided well researched and written content for Kareo. Her work is always thorough and provided ahead of deadline. She has excellent writing skills and has developed an exceptional pool of resources to utilize to provide the best possible articles. We look forward to continuing to work with her for a long time to come.” -Lea Chatham, Kareo, January 2014

“Lisa is an excellent writer who does the research to provide well-thought-out articles. She is always on time and absolutely dependable. She also suggests insightful article ideas and is open to an editor’s suggestions. Lisa is a great pleasure to work with–she makes your job easy.” -Kathy McCoy, MBA, CEO/Founder at Content Marketing Performance Services, October 2012

“Lisa is very creative and detail oriented. Lisa interviewed me a couple of times for articles in Health Information Management, most recently for my work with AHIMA and the Health Information Exchange (HIE) Practice Council. It’s a pleasure to work with Lisa, her topics are well researched and she asks great questions. Most importantly when it comes time to write up the draft article Lisa does an excellent job and gives ample time for editing prior to her deadline.” -Jackie Raymond, RHIA, Director, Health Information Services & Privacy Officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, January 2012

“Lisa is a very competent journalism professional who I have worked with while she was employed at HCPRO. We worked closely in developing pertinent healthcare related articles that had wide appeal for the HCPRO audience, including articles pertaining to coding, clinical documentation and best practice strategies in revenue cycle. Lisa has demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining relevancy in the healthcare reimbursement enviornment, key to producing and writing pertinent articles as well as communicating with the stakeholders, that is the reader and healthcare professionals that provide content and expertise in the writing and editing of articles. I highly recommend Lisa for her journalism expertise.” -Glenn Krauss, BBA, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPUR, C-CDI, CCDS, an independent HIM consultant in Madison, WI, December 2011

“While just starting out at HCPro, Lisa took me under her wing to show me the ropes of several print newsletters and online e-zines. Her zest for finding the latest-breaking story was inspiring. She crafts thought-provoking headlines with ease, puts her heart and soul into her work, and still manages to meet her schedules ahead of time.” -Rebecca Napoleon, editor, school achievement services at Pearson Education and former associate editor at HCPro, Inc., December 2011

“Lisa has been working with me on our Medical Center newsmagazine for several years. I have come to truly appreciate her writing skills and the thoroughness of the material she produces. Lisa doesn’t miss a thing! I have yet to read a story she has written that I need her to go back and get more detail or information. She also provides terrific suggestions that make our newsmagazine a better product. As you can tell, I have come to count on Lisa and look forward to working with her for many more years to come.” -Terri McDonald, director of public relations and marketing at Milford Regional Medical Center, November 2011

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Lisa. An excellent writer and reporter, she produces copy that needs minimal editing and engrosses readers.” -Lee DeOrio, editor of For The Record Magazine, April 2011

“Lisa is incredibly organized and attentive to detail. During her tenure at HCPro, she took ownership of all her assigned products and always strived to deliver high-quality work. I always knew that if I handed an assignment to Lisa, she would take it seriously and deliver a well-written article, special report, or book on time–or in many cases, ahead of schedule.” -Ilene MacDonald, executive editor at HCPro, Inc., October 2009

“Lisa and I have worked together on several articles. I have been most impressed with her ability to take material that is foreign to her, absorb it, and convert it a document that concisely and accurately covers the subject and at a level that meets the needs of the audience.” -Rose Dunn, chief operating officer at First Class Solutions, February 2009

“Lisa is extremely organized, and she has an amazing eye for detail. I learned a great deal from just reviewing the edits she made and the insightful questions she would pose. She was also a pleasure to work with. Lisa is able to provide constructive criticism and helpful tips for editing copy without being overbearing or abrasive. Deadlines are never an issue for Lisa. She is able to manage her time and multiple writing deadlines efficiently, and also monitor deadlines for copy that is due to her from other writers/editors. Lisa would be an asset to any organization, and I have truly missed working with her on an almost daily basis.” -Doreen Bentley, managing editor at HCPro, Inc., October 2009

“Lisa had the difficult task at HCPro of writing and managing our most challenging resource: JustCoding.com, which requires weekly updates of technical articles on medical coding. She consistently produced great work during her tenure, and later went on to manage and write HCPro’s oldest, flagship newsletter, Medical Records Briefing, with the same degree of exceptional skill and professionalism.” -Brian Murphy, director of ACDIS at HCPro, Inc., October 2009

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