Who you gonna call?! Ghostwriters!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to HIM subject matter experts who say the same thing: ‘I don’t have time to write, and I just can’t get motivated!’

Sound familiar?

If you’re working in the world of HIM (especially if you’ve established yourself as a thought leader), you’re probably bombarded with requests for content. Editors ask you to write articles for trade publications, the company for which you work asks you to write blogs, and your professional associations ask you to contribute articles to their journals. Regardless of the opportunity, all requests for content have one thing in common: They require time — the most precious commodity!

Even if you haven’t been asked to contribute content, there are many reasons to start looking for opportunities to author articles. For example, well-written content can open doors to new customers or potential employers who are impressed by what you have to say. It can also draw the attention of journalists looking for experts to interview. Content can also pave the path to speaking engagements or invitations to serve as a guest on a podcast. With good content, the possibilities are truly endless.

Some HIM subject matter experts love writing articles because it gives them a chance to step outside of their daily routines. They aren’t daunted by deadlines, grammar, outlines, etc. But many are just the opposite, and the idea of writing a 1,000-word article is as overwhelming as a massive documentation request from a Recovery Auditor during ICD-10 go-live. Is there any way to make the entire process less painful?

Yes. Enter the ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are individuals who write content on behalf of others. Yes, you read that correctly — the ghostwriter does ALL of the writing. Their job is to articulate the author’s thoughts, ideas, and tone–all while adhering to pesky rules of grammar, word count restrictions, requirements for search engine optimization, a demand for hyperlinks, and more. Ghostwriters also often perform any background research necessary to supplement the topic, saving authors considerable time tracking down that one vital statistic to support an argument, for example. It’s a tall order, but completely do-able for a skilled ghostwriter.

The best part is that you get to share your awesome ideas — and put your best foot forward to potential customers (and peers) — without any of the hassle of writing. It also means that you get to spend more time doing what you do best: Focusing on HIM-related tasks and projects.

When I ghostwrite for clients, I often start by asking this question: What do you hope this content conveys? I try to keep this in mind as I’m writing and asking questions. I do compile questions in advance, but I also think it’s important to remain flexible as the conversation progresses. After all, it’s not my byline — it’s yours. The content needs to reflect your perspective, experience, and opinions.

As an HIM ghostwriter, my job is to translate your subject matter expertise into interesting and relatable content that captures readers’ attention. It’s a challenge that I enjoy, and I’m constantly humbled by the knowledge of the authors for whom I ghostwrite. Talk to me — and let me tell your story!